Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Drama Productions & Graduation

Hello again J I can’t believe that we’re now in March, it seems like just yesterday I was opening my Christmas presents. It seems as I’m getting older the years are flying by me L

Anyway, I thought I’d talk a bit about Drama Production as I haven’t really mentioned it in a while, so just a quick recap, I’m directing Eugene Ionesco’s Rhinoceros as part of my degree, which is very exciting! Luckily, my group was picked to perform at Greenwich Theatre, just near our campus, which is an amazing opportunity for myself, the nine members of cast and the nine members of crew that will all be hitting the stage come June 3rd & 4th. Here is a picture of the auditorium in Greenwich Theatre:

As you can see, it’s rather large, which basically means A LOT of tickets to sell, 400 per night to be exact. Every year one of the third year shows gets picked for Greenwich Theatre and it never sells out, this year I want to put a stop to that and my job as well as the actors and crew is to sell 800 tickets, which makes me feel a bit sick when I say it like that! But I like a challenge and this should be quite an exciting challenge J

Another thing, I’m quite nervous about is the upcoming Graduation! I’m the sort of person who hates goodbyes and I don’t respond well to change, I've just received an email about the Yearbook which makes me very sad! Don’t get me wrong Graduation Day is going to be AMAZING! But very sad, very, very sad! Especially as once I finish University I need to become a responsible adult and the worse thing is, I’m only realising this now! Booooo! Oh well, at least my career path will be underway J

Until next time J

P.S. Have a nice pancake day!

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