Friday, 21 February 2014

The Luxury of Living in London

Hello again J

Hope you have all been well and enjoying this very cold winter we are having L Anyways, I thought I would just talk about what I consider the biggest luxury for a drama student living in London… Theatre is everywhere! Only recently have I decided to abuse this little fact, as I am in my final year, so I may have gone on a spending spree and bought a few tickets to see some new and classic shows that are out there in London.

As you can probably guess, I have been to see Les Miserables, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Mamma Mia! Well, I can tell you that all three shows were amazing! I loved every second of each and they were so well put together, when you think about seeing a show your main thought are the performers within the show but in a show like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory I was so amazed with the setting created on the stage, it was literally like the film! Every scene had a new setting and it was amazing!

So I was a bit naughty and may have bought more tickets. In the next few months I will be going to see Wicked! (For the third time) Blithe Spirit, I Can’t Sing, Sarah Millican, and the X Factor Tour Live! So the next few months are going to be the best ever!

Also recently I have had a birthday, which means I’m one year older. Most people get sadder as they get older and more worried about age, I get excited. One more year means one more year of experience and one year older to being an old man sitting in his armchair without a care in the world. So now that I am 22 and I am officially three years away from hitting a quarter of a century, I celebrated as all students know how… A nice drink and some food from Weatherspoons :D

That’s all from me for now

Speak soon :D

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