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Hi, my name is Terry; I am in my fourth year at Greenwich, I completed my Drama degree with a 2:1 and now I am currently taking my PGCE in the Lifelong Learning Sector in order to go into Colleges/Sixth Forms and teach Drama. I have always been a huge fan of the arts and really believe that it can help society, whether that is to make people forget about their lives for a couple of hours or to make them think about current news and problems we face in the world.

As I said I am currently taking my PGCE, I have always wanted to be a teacher ever since I was a kid and through the years I lost touch with that and wanted to become an actor on TV and Film. I am really passionate about people following their dreams and being what they want to be, but when I thought about it logically I came to the conclusion that I should do my PGCE know and spend a few years as a Higher Education teacher and then maybe in a few years when I’m more grown-up and more experienced I can try my hand at acting for TV and Film.

Whilst at the University of Greenwich I have been involved in the Students Union and this included the Treasurer for the Glee Society later to be known as the Performing Arts Society as well as the Secretary for the Tennis Club. I really do feel like I have had the complete University experience; I have lived in halls, I have been involved with the SU, I have done everything that a University student should do. Now I have to be an adult and really chase my dreams and get where I want to be. I hope you enjoy my blogs J

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