Monday, 23 June 2014


Hello everyone, I know I haven’t blogged in a while but I have been SUPER busy with rehearsals for Rhinoceros J But I’m back now!

I know I always talk about the play I was directing but this will be the last one as the show is now finished L After a seven-month rigorous rehearsal period, I can now lay back, put my feet up and relax. The show concluded on June 4th at Greenwich Theatre, and what a show it was! I am so proud of my nine cast members and nine members of the crew, they all did amazingly well in their own ways! Here is a picture of me, the crew and our supervisors.

As you can see we were quite a large bunch, as a director I can tell you first-hand how hard it is to try and control and calm down a bunch of hyper-active students! They were a pleasure to work with but what a lively bunch they were J

Both shows went amazingly well! The final night was such a treat for me because I felt that it went the best it could have ever gone and for me to sit back and watch the masterpiece being created was such a joy. It was quite emotional watching my baby come alive (the show) after all the hard work myself, the cast and the crew put in to make this show a success.

I know this is a very short blog, I just wanted to share with everyone how proud I am of all the people involved with the show.

Speak soon J

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