Friday, 16 May 2014

Bathway Theatre Festival and No More Coursework

Hello everyone, welcome back, in case you haven’t noticed most of my blogs are about my Drama course or about the fact that University is coming to an end. This blog is going to be no different.

Firstly, I wanna talk about the fact that I have officially finished all written work for third year! It was a struggle but I finally got there.

I had a 3000 word research project, 3000 word log book, 2000 word research essay and 4000 word placement report all due in within the same week! You don’t know stress until all your work is due in at the same time! But it’s all over now so no more coursework ever for me! But now that all the written work is done I now have my end of year show to focus on.

My show is the 4th and last play within the Bathway Theatre Festival, so far I have seen Love and Information by Caryl Churchill and Road by Jim Cartwright. Next week is Red Noses by Peter Barnes and then the Festival concludes with the play I am directing, Rhinoceros by Eugene Ionesco.

I know I have mentioned it lots before but tickets are now on sale at and it would be brilliant if you could all come see it in support of myself, my wonderful bunch of third year actors, the amazing first year technical crew and the University of Greenwich’s Drama department.

I am very excited for the show and we have 400 seats per night to sell, which is worrying, but I’m staying optimistic about it.

That’s all for now. Speak soon J

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