Thursday, 21 November 2013

Deadline Time

Hello again J

It seems like I only started my third year a few weeks ago and now I’ve got two major assessments due in the first week of December, what’s all that about L

As I mentioned in my last blog regarding my directing opportunity…I GOT PICKED!!!!!!!! So I will be directing a full third year Drama production to be performed in May 2014, so I am over the moon with that news, but this also means that we now have an essay question for the same module which is fun because I like the subject that it’s regarding, but it’s an essay, so I find it very hard to be over the moon with this part of the news. It’s not much just asking for 2000 words so can be done easily but will involve one or two trips to the library… Possibly ten trips.

So on top of this I have another 1500 essay due… I suppose it is a lot better than doing a dissertation J Also I am involved with the Reminiscence Theatre archive (Basically in short, performing to old people in care homes) and we have just been given our roles for that and I have A LOT of lines to learn so I will try to squeeze that in around cramming for these essays. At least it’s coming up to Christmas now and once all the deadlines are done, bring on CHRISTMAS!

Until next time, take care J

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