Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Drama Production, Work & Getting Stuck Into Third Year

Hello and welcome back J

So quite a few things have happened since my last blog, I am well underway with my studies of third year, which is very, very exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time. First of all, I do a course which is called Drama Production, basically every year the third year Drama students put on about 5-7 plays and then they each require a third year director and then the rest of the year has to audition for the plays they wish. As I am quite interested in directing I chose to pitch the play Rhinoceros, a French play written by Absurdist playwright Eugene Ionesco.

The play is amazingly funny and a really good piece of drama. So I am very excited to see what happens with this and whether I get chosen as a director, it’s quite exciting, but if I don’t get chosen, I would quite like to act, so it’s fine either way really J

As well as Uni I have gotten into full swing of work as well, my job at the Enquiry Unit has been going quite well, still dealing with enquiries regarding late clearing so constantly busy, which is good. I had my training for my role as a Student Ambassador and that has went well, I’ve done two events so far (On my own) which was very scary because I have NEVER done one on my own, so was quite a new experience.

So far I am feeling very, very, very positive about my third year, which I think is quite important, you can’t succeed if you don’t feel passionate or positive about something.

Until next time J

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