Tuesday, 15 October 2013

My Last Ever Freshers Fortnight

Hey everyone, welcome back to my blog J

Since we last spoke I have begun my third and final year of University, which means this is the last time I will be partaking in a Freshers Fortnight, this makes me sadL. It’s been weird this year because I haven’t lived on campus so I haven’t been out every night, unlike the past two years, but I’ve still been involved none the less. I was at both Greenwich and Avery Hill Freshers’ Fairs for Tennis and the Performing Arts Society, it was so fun to meet all the newbies and find out who’s going to be on our teams this year.

Obviously there was the standard night at Sparrows, me and my friends chose the first Wednesday as we were going to use this as our first official Performing Arts Social, which was mega exciting and went down very well with a really good turnout. Things seem to be looking up for P.A. this year which is a great success.

My best memory of Freshers’ Fortnight would have had to been in first year, because it was those two weeks in which I established my close friendship group, to which I am still friends with this day. That’s what I love about Freshers’ Fortnight, you get to meet people outside of your course, for example I went into second year in two flats of nine one on top of the other, so that’s sixteen people I was practically living with and not one of them were on my course, which is great to have your friendship group on your course and then to come home and have other friends, I loved it.

The final part of Freshers’ Fortnight was celebrated at the Freshers’ Ball and the headlining act… Wait for it…

S CLUB 7!!!!!! Well, S Club 3… But still 3 is better than none J S Club 7 were my childhood! I know every word to all of their songs, I watched all their TV shows and their film, I think it’s obvious to say… Yeah, I was a bit obsessed. So Jo O’Meara, Paul Cattermole and Bradley McIntosh were performing at Ministry of Sound for our Summer Ball! They were AMAZING and a brilliant way to finish my last ever Freshers’ Fortnight!

That’s all from me, come back soon J

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