Monday, 2 March 2015

Getting Into the Swing of Things!

Hello everyone, sorry I haven’t been blogging regularly… I’ve been so busy with getting back into the swing of things this year. A lot has changed for me this year in terms of my teaching degree that I am currently doing and my work placement. I will also tell you about what shows I’ve gone to see this month J

So first of all I will start with my placement and what’s going on at Bird College. I have now been given three classes that I teach regularly; these are the Pre-Professional Foundation Year groups. As that is a lot of word’s that you may not be aware of if you’re not in Education, I’ll just explain a bit about them. These classes are people who have come to Bird College for one year in order to be trained to audition for Drama Schools and Universities, therefore, no work is marked and there is no criteria or curriculum. This means… FUN! Yes, basically all I have to do with them is play games and build their confidence, so all in all my job does not suck.

One thing I do love about working at Bird College is that the students are so committed in being there and they are so much fun to work with because they listen and they really take on board what I have to say as their teacher. In some ways this scares me for jobs I get after as I won’t have had any experience in bad behaviour from students, but I think I’ll be okay. As my placement goes on I am being given more and more responsibility which is amazing as I am beginning to really learn what it is to be a teacher.

Now all of that is out of way I can tell you about the show’s I went to see in the half-term break. I went to see Miss Saigon, Memphis and Made in Dagenham (again!)

As you can see from my lovely Instagram pictures above! Miss Saigon was so beautiful in the way it was done, it was such a nice story and the music was phenomenal, it deserved to win the 12 What’s On Stage Awards that it did. Memphis the musical was also really good and once again a beautiful story told through beautiful music. Also I saw Memphis with Beverley Knight who was absolutely amazing in the role! Fun fact for you inter-racial marriage has only been legal in all U.S. states since 1967 which I found quite shocking as it was only 48 years ago. Then I went to see Made in Dagenham again which was amazing as it was the first time I went to see back in the previews.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed my blog. See you soon J

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