Friday, 16 January 2015

Happy New Year!

Hello J Welcome to the Year 2015

I can’t believe another year has passed us by. As you get older these years just fly by and it’s not fair, I swear it was summer like 2 minutes ago! As it is the New Year I thought I would do the standard ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ that I am bound to break before the end of January. This year I spent New Year’s with my best friend and it was really nice, we didn’t do much just drinking, listening to music and then venturing to a local pub for the countdown. Usually I struggle to find one New Year’s resolution; however, this year I had several. They were as follows:

To get fit and lose some weight: I believe this is everyone’s New Year’s resolution. But I thought I would make it mine because I say it every year and this time I want to actually stick to it, whether that sticks… We’ll see! Secondly, is to start up my blog again. In September last year I started my own personal blog ( I started this just because I enjoyed blogging for the University and I wanted to start up my personal blog where I do things like review the theatre shows I go and see or films that I watch as well as blog about everyday life and special events in my life.

My third New Year’s resolution was to get my head stuck down and complete my PGCE without leaving everything to the last minute. My next deadline is June 1st, so as soon as I begin Uni again on 6th Feb I want to start gathering research for my coursework so that it is much easier to complete when I need to. My final New Year’s resolution is just to be happy, I am a relatively happy person anyway. I just want to be even happier J So I wish everyone else will have an amazing 2015. I will leave you with one of my favourite quotes of all time…

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