Monday, 6 October 2014

A Change of Career!

Hello everyone, sorry I haven’t been blogging in a while; I’ve been so busy with life! This blog is going to explain why I’ve been so busy J

Firstly, my summer full time job is now over and I’ve gone back to part-time which is quite sad. I had such a great time over the summer and I met a lot of great people and formed bonds with people which was lovely. In my last blog I posted a picture of Team Denise, those people are amazing and I love them all. It feels weird now that I am working and not seeing them every day, as I just said, it is really, really sad.

As I also stated in my last blog, I had just applied for a PGCE Lifelong Learning Sector to teach Drama in Sixth Forms. Looking at the title I bet you can guess that I received a place on the course which means a big career change for me.

If you’ve read my other blogs then you will know that my dream job is to run my own theatre company or to be a television of film actor. So why the sudden change? Well, I have always had a thought in the back of my head that I would like to go into teaching and I feel that I can do it now whilst I’m still young(ish) and still learning the way of the world as it is so much harder to leave education and then get back into it years down the line.

I am currently in week four of the course and I am enjoying it quite a lot. I do admit that there is A LOT of work and it is scary to look at all the assignments I have to do, but I can tell that they’re quite fun assignments. As I come from a Drama background I am new to all the Education terminology, for example, I don’t know any Theories of Learning or any Theorists and that is what one of our modules is all about. So I’m currently trying to get in some extra reading and some extra study hours in order to get up to the standard of the other people in my class who have an education background.

I am quite looking forward to what lies ahead and I shall keep you posted on any updates. Speak soon J

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