Wednesday, 3 September 2014

The End of Summer 2014!

Hello everyone J Sorry I haven’t been blogging lately, work has been soooo busy and any spare time I have is spent sleeping.

So first of all I will start with Clearing 2014! I have had the best summer ever (which is odd considering I literally worked all summer). Work has been so fun this year, mainly because I got the role of Senior Clearing Assistant, so I was given a bit more authority than I’m used to. It was been so fun helping others and imprinting my knowledge onto them.

One thing that happened at work was the annual Theme Your Team! This year I was put in Team Denise and our theme we chose was ‘MEXICAN FIESTA’ and the outcome is photographed below.

I am the one in the middle with the RED HOT CHILLI PEPPER outfit. As you can see we are all the coolest people ever. Theme Your Team this year was really fun and although my team didn’t win… We were still the best team ever! It was such a good day as well because everyone put in maximum effort to pull the theme together which was lovely to see.

Also, lately whilst being in full time work mode, I have also decided to apply for the PGCE Lifelong Learning Sector to teach Drama. I know it’s a bit of a drastic career change but when I thought about it and took the course into consideration, I began to like the idea more and more. I’ve decided that I really want to pursue a work placement within my old college because I get on really well with the tutor there and I know how the school works so it would be perfect for me.

As I write this I have just complete the Literacy Test and the Interview for the course so the next blog I write may be my last ever blog or a blog saying yaaay, I got a place.

Anyway, until next time J

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